Structure of TCBA






  1. Annual General Meeting shall be held every two years to elect President ,to
    present annual report, to approve financial report , to rectify and propose new rules
    /regulations to provide and approve new term plan and budget.
  2. Board of Executive shall appoint regular meeting with agenda.
  3. Board of Director meeting shall be held once a year to present the accomplished
    tasks,to follow up the ongoing projects and adjust or modify the next coming activities .
  4. the Association shall establish Club in each district/ province called “ district/Province
    name Christian Business Club”.


1. Member of the Association have to registered under Club or branch.

2. Each Club must have not less than 20 registered and fee paid members.

3. Club has to elect and appointed it’s Board Committee by the end of October and
This new Board has to be in their position by January of the following year .

4.Club’ Executive Committee shall submit their monthly meeting minutes to the
Association and report to Club members accordingly.

5.Club shall conduct its monthly general meeting, to encourage and bond members’
relationship, to provide spiritual support, and provide monthly report to the Association.

6. Club shall participate in church activities and/or community public services at least
once a year.

7. Club shall nominate its representative to attend the Board of Director Annual Meeting
and TCBA Annual Meeting.


  1. The election of TCBA’ s Board of Executive ,
    Each Club appoints representatives to the Annual General Meeting ,every 10 memberships equal to 1 vote ,The residual membership which exceed 5 will equal to another 1 vote too.
    The President will be voted by the Club’s representatives , then the President will select and appoint Vice President , Secretary ,Treasurer or any other positions by himself as necessary to form the Board of Executive .
    The President of each Club will automatically be the Board of Director of the Association.
    The term of Board of Executive is 2 years .
  2. The election of Club’s Board of Executive
    Each membership has 1 vote ,and the Board of Executive are elected by the congregation
    At least 4 positions are compulsory :President .Vice President , Secretary and Treasurer ,and other positions as required .
    The term of Club’s Board of Executive is 2 years and is terminated together with TCBA’s Board of Executive .



Mr. Sutee Techarukpong


Mr. Jack Limbu


Mr. Somsak Testsali


Mr. Sompong Sathavorn


Mrs. Naraporn Vanichakorn


Mrs. Kanokwan Sethanun.


  1. President
    Being the director in the Board of director of TCBA. organizes Club meetings on a frequent and regular basis Presides over Club and Board of Executive meetings coordinates between the Board and Club Members ensures the Club accounts and spending practices are accurate and filled with integrity represents the Club in meetings with outside entities, represents the local Club at meetings with TCBA.
  2. Vice President
    Assists the President with all delegated duties assignments. oversees and encourage the committee to drive the Club mission as a team together with President. Presides over Club meeting in the event that the President is not present or unavailable.
  3. Secretary
    Records and keeps the meeting minutes for Club and Board of Executive meetings. safe keeping all the necessary documents of the Club. records and updates the members registration data, and executes the tasks according to President assignment .
  4. Treasurer
    Responsible for the management and safekeeping of Club funds .Follow up the members to pay their annual fee on time ,and makes a financial report upon request.
    Keeps separate and distinct accounts for Administrative and Activities functions
    Oversees Club spending practices and ensures that they are upright and integrity-filled, maintaining the good reputation of the Club.